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Organizational Alignment

1. Establish the organizational structure that you need to deliver your business model to your customers. 2. Define the skills that you have in the organization, where the gaps are and then plan to obtain or grow them. 3. Develop the training and/or recruiting program required to fill the gaps and the target timeframe to achieve it. 4. Match business values, responsibilities and skills to build productivity.

Executive & Career Coaching

We focus on your needs as the leader of your business first & prioritize you as our first step. Without you, there is no business! We will explore doubts, reconnect with your purpose & goals and uncover solutions for your most pressing challenges. We can focus on strategy, operational alignment of the team, communication, and mindset.

Digital Transformation

1. Lower Costs 2. Improve Internal Processes 3. Increase Revenue 4. Discover New Monetization opportunities. SaaS Automation & Outsourcing - ERP, HRMS, CRM, Psychometrics, FinTech, Payment Gateway. With services in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Fractional Executive Support

If you cannot afford the likes of what your company needs, then how do you move forward? You cannot keep struggling in your visionary role while being the full-time integrator. A fractional HRD is a business professional with many years of experience who is willing to work in a temporary capacity, part-time, for an hourly rate that would typically amount to the same as hiring someone full-time. However, you can bring on talent with experience as a business owner, business coach/consultant or former full-time HRD without all the costs. Fractional HRDs can deliver on projects without adding further delays to your business.

People Development

Are the employees in your company the most important resource, do you believe in this? ae'lkimi offers a range of people management services and capabilities to help you build a team that will drive your business forward. We’ve helped businesses with: - build processes that align individuals and teams with shared company goals and objectives - develop high performing teams and a successful culture based upon employee engagement and accountability at the individual and team level - establish effective organizational structures to deliver optimal results for the business creating a learning organization that allows for innovation and personal development - foster and develop current and future leaders.

Operational Excellence

Employing a proprietary 26 steps method to audit, assess and analyze your HR & People department. With a focus on the existing function, process, system used, compliance and the current team. Unlocking the value to boost culture, leading to an increase in revenue and sales.

Why Choose Us

Congratulations on your achievement & your accomplishment!

But do you have this feeling that your business success has plateaued & stalled?

Sometimes you need another perspective, what better way than to re-imagine your business starting with a blank canvas and rediscovering your WHY?


A team with expertise to solve your challenges as if it was our own.


We’ve done it before.


Unconventional thinking outside of mainstream solution.


Our focus is to maximize ROI for you.


Brutal honesty & unfiltered feedback.

Our Values

We strive to contribute every day.

Joy from Work

Celebrate big and small victories at all levels.

Trust from Transparency

Open, transparent and honesty. Communication is two-ways always!

Social Impact

Contributing to making our world a better place now and future.

Inclusion & Diversity

Equality regardless.

Customer centric

Our focus to realizing our ambitions.


Leaders are owners – acting on behalf of the company.

Stand up

Do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion.

Current Projects .......

We see all types of projects as if they are ours - this brings us closer to our clients.

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